From The Ground Up​

We have all been effected by the 2018 Butte County Camp Fire. Every member of this organization lost their homes, businesses and friends. We have chosen to dig in and help with aid and recovery anywhere we can. We had From the Ground Uppers by day 3 of the fire, sending us hundreds of blankets, tents, tarps, sleeping bags and respirators. Thank you! Groups like The Pollination Project and The Fruit Guys Community Fund stepped up immediately with funding to rebuild our community garden that we lost at the campground. Thank you!

Our biggest partners in this project have been the North Valley Community Foundation and the Butte Strong Fund. They helped us provide  $25,000 in gift cards to fire families. They immediately helped us provide $25,000 in car repairs, windshields, hearing aids, glasses, tires and so much more to these families.

Then when we came to them with our crazy idea of a mobile sawmill to turn the communities burned trees into lumber, they helped us make this a reality. We have been milling wood for free in the Concow area so far. So much more to do. Then we realized as we milled wood for families, all of the other ways these small mountain communities could use help.  

Well, here we came again with our wild ideas. NVCF helped us purchase a John Deere tractor/backhoe, trailer to carry it safely, as well as, a dump truck to move it all around. Each piece of equipment has to have multiple uses to maximize our purchases. That's how we do more with less. All equipment is now up the hill and working in the area. The equipment is available, like the mill, for free to fire families to help with rebuilding needs. Give us a minute and we're on our way.

​And then, none of it would matter if it wasn't for the amazing crew of volunteers who stepped up through the hot summer and milled wood for their neighbors. We salute you! Thank you all so much!