From The Ground Up​

"From the Ground Up Farms have worked with us at Chico Community Children's Center for two years. They have installed two gardens, one at each of our centers. As well as weeding and preparing the garden spaces, they have put in irrigation systems. They have helped us to get our families involved in planting and eating healthy produce. We believe that if children and families are involved in planting and harvesting that they will be more likely to try and like fruits and vegetables. As well as gardening, From the Ground Up Farms has put on fun and useful nutrition workshops for our families. It has been such a positive experience to work with these dedicated volunteers for all of the staff, children and families at our centers. Thanks From the Ground Up Farms!".....Sue

My ten year-old, home-schooled granddaughter and I have attended numerous home-school garden days at Kentfield Garden over the past three years. We have both enjoyed the experience very much. My own personal favorite aspect at Kentfield Gardens is the level of involvement the kids experience. The adults ask for the kids input and ideas, Rather than telling the kids what to do, they are constantly being asked, "Where do you think we should plant this? "What do you think would work here ?" This generates a great deal of pride and a sense of ownership among the children. They work and play, interact with each other and people of different generations, eat healthy snacks provided by the program, and often take home produce they have helped to grow. It is a rich learning experience for the children on many levels. Along with learning gardening skills, they have an opportunity to learn and grow socially as well. They learn to work together co-operatively on projects and have the added bonus of knowing they are helping provide healthy food for members of their community. We are thankful for the opportunities provided by From The Ground Up Farms....Member of Homeschool Garden

"We are the landowners for the property this group farms in central Chico. I have worked directly with nonprofits for 20 years and this group has been more dedicated and hard-working than many I have dealt with. We are very happy with the efforts they have taken to connect this garden with the Chico at-risk community and the care and treatment they have dedicated to this piece of land as well as the respect they have shown for the neighborhood in which it sits".....T Hall

FTGU Farms is a brilliantly designed non profit. The simple and refined model allows the FTGU team to bring nutritious and healthy food to our most underserved community members fast. A garden can be put up in a matter of hours. Their projects not only feed those in poverty, the FTGU team provides education to the new gardeners/harvesters in preserving food, healthy meals, etc. Five Stars to this incredible non profit!!....Siana S

Never thanked you guys for the fresh veggies you provided for my mom's when she was battling cancer. She is now cancer free!....Mike L

"I was involved in the start up of From the Ground Up and I can tell you that I have never met a more dedicated group that totally believes in what they are accomplishing. Getting together with new and old friends to put in a veggie garden that will help people feed themselves is totally rewarding. To spread the news about organic foods and what they can do for you is what this country needs and we also need to understand that any of us could be homeless next week. With caring people out there you can get through anything. FEEL THE LOVE"....L Dolan

"This place has helped me grow, from a child into a woman citizen of the world. I cannot expect to change the world without a change and perception in myself and my own life. Acting Locally will raise hope for us to see actual proof around the world. With these community gardens I have watched them cultivate and bring people to purpose and growth within. Suddenly our people are working together, getting together and playing together. I now get to bring my Kids that I teach to a place where they learn the importance of a food made by your own work and efforts. I see people talking of alternative ways to have organic foods in their life without having to spend their whole paycheck on veggies. I see people teaching people, listening to each other, helping one another help themselves. Let's get together from the ground up, keep it up !".....J Naomi

From the Ground Up would love to share your comments, reviews and stories. You can send us a comment through our website contact page, Facebook or at We already know your stories, but nobody can tell your story like you can. Please take this opportunity to share. You can also email me at and feel free to include pictures. We want to share the successes that continue after we leave. What do you think about From the Ground Up Farms???

"From the Ground Up are a shining example of how a community can come together and solve an issue. The team is passionate, dedicated and resourceful, and they are changing lives through the provision of fresh and healthy food".....Donor