This is how we sow our seeds at From the Ground Up Farms



Noon to 3pm

* Ground Support USA arrives and begins interviews & filming.

* Work Day at Kentfield with From The Ground Up volunteers and anyone interested in participating. We will finish the winter planting, work on irrigation, move soil around, etc. Come join in! May include the Pro Touch group from Caminar.

Noon to 5pm

* Open house for all that want to come see the Garden, participate in any activities and taste any produce.

3pm to 5pm

* The Garden’s Homeschoolers come in for some special project and working in their garden. Sweet potatoes may be ready to harvest and crafts are always popular. Bring your homeschooler and join in!


* Watch our "Fusion Dance" Children's Bellydance Group Perform.


* Enjoy Abigail Moore and an amazing fire performance.


All Day

* Ground Support USA continues interviews & filming during various times of the day.

* Open house for all that want to come see the Garden, participate in any activities and taste any produce. Children crafts and activities ongoing.

10am to 1pm

* Community, Coffee, Cakes and Conversations – Public invited Join us for coffee and conversation about how the Kentfield project addresses community needs and how projects like Kentfield Gardens work to bring diverse communities together. Local groups are invited to attend the conversation.

1pm to 3pm

* Edible Pedal doing a stir fry demo. Provides snacks for everyone.

3pm to 6pm

* Open House: tours & miscellaneous activities, set up and prepare for music. Activities TBD

6pm onward

* Music with Alli Battaglia


* Sunset observance


* Hap Hathaway and Family Business Music Finale

From The Ground Up​


An Unplanned Community Garden Ends Up As  An  Unexpected  Public Space

Community, Coffee, Cakes & Conversation

Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th, October 2016
Kentfield Gardens @ 1125 Kentfield Road

Ground Support USA asked what else we do in our gardens besides grow free food for our community?

Ground Support USA

A community‐positive road trip project.
#GROUNDSUPPORTUSA is an episodic social media road trip featuring extraordinary people
across America, headquartered in a mobile coffee shop. Next Stop: Chico’s Kentfield Gardens