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Did you know that nonprofits do incredible work in our communities, and tend to pick up and do the important work our cities, counties and governments no longer do?

Collectively, nonprofits work together in a spirit of cooperation versus competing against each other, thus creating a resilient and dynamic fabric that supports the many fields of service in our area. The North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) and its Annie B’s Community Drive are committed to strengthening the areas’ nonprofits.

NVCF breaks down these fields of service into ten categories: the arts; youth; older adults; animal welfare; human services; environment; international efforts; healthcare; youth development; and general philanthropy.

 Nonprofits do important works of service and our business structures depends upon fundraising efforts and support from the community, especially financially for basic operational costs, materials, labor and administration and doing the work they do for your community. Donors are the ones who keep these nonprofit organizations in operation, and we appreciate you!
NVCF & Annie B’s Community Drive

We know you support and believe in the good work that From the Ground Up is doing for the greater whole, and thank you in advance for supporting our nonprofit organization this year during the Annie B’s Community Drive! First, we’ll explain what the NVCF & Annie B’s Community Drive are and what they do, and then share who From the Ground Up Farms is and what we do. Please continue through the tabs above to see us in action.

Now in its 10th year, the drive is the largest community-wide grant program in the region. This innovative grant program encourages donations to nonprofits in Butte, Glenn, Colusa, and Tehama counties between August 1 and September 30. Approximately 250 nonprofits participate and receive an additional percentage match on top of what they raise from community members during this two-month period. Since 2007, $11 million has been distributed to hundreds of local nonprofits through the drive, and nearly 15,000 individual donors have contributed. 

Our Organization’s name is: From the Ground Up Farms, Inc.

Our Mission Statement:
Our mission’s simple, providing free food and educational workshops to our at risk, food insecure populations teaching nutrition, food security and improved health in homeless shelters, disabled and mental illness housing, domestic violence shelters, juvenile probation and low income daycare’s. Access to food is increased in every neighborhood. We work in our poorest neighborhoods, like Chapman Town and Concow, with all ethnicities building bridges. We work hand in hand teaching and learning to grow healthy food and improve the families health and finances. We’re giving these folks ownership of their health again. Something changes when folks realize that they don't have to be sick and hungry anymore. Change comes From the Ground Up. Our programs include free produce delivered to food programs/pantries already feeding them. We also provide educational workshops teaching anything from gardening, harvesting, cooking, physical activity and nutrition. Our professionals have years of experience. Our programs are unique though because we tailor them to the group. We take the lessons where the need is. It doesn’t make sense to expect them to come to us. We are using a multi-tiered approach to addressing the problems of food insecurity and poor nutrition (and poor health outcomes), as well as simply helping those in need.  Our approach isn’t just a garden, or just a food program, or just nutrition classes, or just helping homeless people.  It is all of it.  We dress in t-shirts and jeans. We have long hair and beards. We remain approachable and hands on…shoulder to shoulder in the dirt….with all of our community. From the Ground Up understands that you must heal your mind as well as your body.We understand they can’t learn or improve their health if they can’t receive or understand the lessons. 

Our Expected Use of Funds:
To continue to install additional community gardens, purchase garden/workshop supplies and expand our workshop selection and frequency.

How can you help our nonprofit to get this money?

There are two ways you can help! Your gifts may be given directly to From the Ground Up or NVCF, and you can also show your support by attending a special Annie B’s event on September 15th, at the Chico City Plaza, in conjunction with the Thursday Night Market. All Annie B’s participants are invited to come and show off! Community members are welcome, although donors for From the Ground Up Farms, Inc. are especially encouraged to attend.

 To make a donation to From the Ground Up Farms, Inc. that will be supplemented by funds from Annie B’s Community Drive, you must do the following:

Make your cash, check, debit/credit donation starting August 1st and no later than 4:00 P.M. on September 30th (Cash accepted at NVCF office during business hours/all coins must be rolled)

Make out checks to: Annie B’s/From the Ground Up Farms, Inc.

Donate online:


Send your check to:

North Valley Community Foundation
240 Main Street, Suite 260
Chico, CA 95928


From the Ground Up Farms, Inc.

1692 Mangrove Ave #105

Chico, CA 95926

If you have questions please call or email:

FTGU email:; phone: 530-513-7638
NVCF email: phone: 530-891-1150


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What can we grow for you???