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Did you know that you can donate your car or boat to From the Ground Up? Send us a message and we will take care of everything. We took 5 junkers off Chico streets in 2015.

From The Ground Up​

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From The Ground Up Farms, Inc. in Chico is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 after realizing how critical good nutrition and organic food was. We realized that our community has a serious food security issue. We don’t believe healthy organically grown food should be a luxury only the wealthy can afford. A group of local farmers, educators, artists and activists have come together to establish a nonprofit organization dedicated to bridging the nutritional gap through community gardening. Our organization’s mission is to heal our community by feeding them healthy nutritious food. The food we grow will be distributed at no cost to our community. We will educate them as well by offering gardening and nutrition education workshops which will all lead to self-reliance and food security. We believe that proper nutrition can change the lives in our community for the better by offering an opportunity to learn self sufficiency, responsibility, gain a sense of achievement, improve physical and mental health, and to grow in confidence and self-respect. 

Our Advice

There's more to planting a garden than just soil, water, and sunshine...plant your own and change your life